Hi, I'm Louis!

I'm a software engineer in the Bay Area
and a graduate of Santa Clara University.

What I do

arduino LCD

Build Awesome Things

        Creativity is the fuel to my passion. I enjoy coming up with ideas and turning them into reality. Whether I'm building an app to help save the world or fixing real world problems with duct tape, I can never stop creating. The only downside is the amount of sleep I lose working on a task that I just can't put down at night.


Improve Everyday

        My life is dedicated to the pursuit of difficult challenges. In the gym, in school, and in my work, I always come across opportunities to keep learning and growing. Through every brick wall that I face I get a little bit stronger as I climb over each one. I've been testing the mindset that I can accomplish anything by working hard. It hasn't failed me yet!


Collaborate with Others

        As much as I count on my strengths to succeed, I also rely on others. The truth is, I shine brightest when I work with people. I am humble enough to ask others for help in my areas of weakness, but capable enough to lead in my areas of strength.

My projects

musical casual creator

Musical Casual Creator

I developed a songwriting application to help children with autism express their feelings through music. I was able to test it out in the real world, and the kids love it!


SCU Course Equivalency

I created a web application to help SCU faculty advisors keep a record of equivalent courses from different schools. It also helps transfer students receive credit for previous courses.

Places I've worked

hewlett packard enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

My first internship at a large company!



1st place in the office mini-hoop basketball competition 😎



My co-worker and mentor, Subbu!