Hi, I'm louis!

I'm a recent graduate of Santa Clara University with a major in Computer Science & Engineering.
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I love to

arduino LCD

Build Awesome Things

        Creativity is the fuel to my passion. My mind is continuously churning ideas and coming up with practical ways to turn them into reality. Whether I'm coding an app to help save the world or fixing real world problems with duct tape, I can never stop building. The only downside is the amount of sleep I can lose when working on a project that I just can't put down at night.


Challenge My Strengths

        My life is dedicated to the tireless conquest of challenges. In the gym, in school, and in my work, I always come across opportunities to keep learning and growing. Through every brick wall that I face I get a little bit stronger as I climb over each one. I've been testing the mindset that I can accomplish anything by working hard. It hasn't failed me yet!


Work with Others

        As much as I count on my strengths to succeed, I equally rely on others to achieve our common goals together. The truth is, I shine brightest when I work with people. I am humble enough to ask others for help in my areas of weakness, but perceptive enough to support others in my areas of strength. When working with others, everyone has something to gain.

My projects

Musical Casual Creator

For my senior design project, my friend Ian Santillano and I created this
songwriting tool to help children with autism express their feelings through music.

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SCU Course Equivalency

In my Software Engineering lab, my friend Ryan Fernandez and I created this
web application for SCU faculty advisors to track course equivalencies.

See what it looks like as a faculty advisor:

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Username: advisor
Password: pass